Lissette Lemus

Children from El Matazano school in Ilopango, El Salvador, stare at the body of Petrona Rivas, the mother of two of their classmates. Around ten people a day are murdered in El Salvador. Authorities believe street gangs are behind the crime wave.

Eraldo Peres

People gather around the body of Thiago Franklino de Lima (21), who was killed in the Coque slum in Recife, northeastern Brazil.

Walter Astrada

Henry Agudelo. A homeless woman washes beside a river in Medellin, Colombia

Veronique de Viguerie

GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA – DECEMBER 10, 2008: The ‘Garden of Angels’ of the “Fundation Sobrevivientes" (Survivors Foundation), which is fighting against impunity for gender crimes. Currently, less that 1% of murder cases with female victims are solved. The victims are represented by a wooden pink cross with their clothes draped over it.

Paula Bronstein