Wieden+Kennedy arsehole Eric Kallman

Wieden+Kennedy sent me a postcard out of the blue a couple of years ago. They were looking to fly some "creatives" (vomit) to Portland to look them over and possibly hire them. I sent them bits of writing they'd already seen on my writing website. This is an excerpt of one piece they got:

...I’m stood behind you.
I’m running off.
I’ve gone.
Where am I?
I’m miles away.
I’m poolside in Rio.
I’m sipping milk and clicking my fingers.
I’m diving in.
I’m already out and dry,
I’m stood behind you again,
I’m back in Rio again.
You see how nimble we can be.
It is fairly impressive to non writers.

Recently I saw this advert:

It reminded me of me. I decided to see who made it, hoping it wasn't by Weiden and Kennedy. It was. Weiden and Kennedy, Portland.
A creative called Eric Kallman.


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Thanks Chris. I saw a celebratory article on Eric Kallman in the paper this morning. I can't wait to meet him.